Schedule & Results, RHL City Playdowns, 2018/19 (Chedoke Minor Hockey)

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Sunday, March 24, 2019
AtomA18:00 AMMountain Ancaster 2-3Dofasco
MidgetM18:00 AMChedRed Dundas 1-3Lawfield
NoviceN18:00 AMRosedale Chedoke 5-0Coronation
PeeweeP18:00 AMLawfield Coronation 2-7Lawfield
BantamB18:30 AMChedGre Lawfield 2-3Dofasco 1
AtomA29:00 AMMountain Mountain 4-0Lawfield
MidgetM29:00 AMChedRed Dofasco 4-1Mountain
NoviceN29:00 AMRosedale Mountain 5-1Ancaster
PeeweeP29:00 AMLawfield Dundas 3-2Rosedale
BantamB29:30 AMChedGre Dundas 4-2Ancaster
AtomA310:00 AMMountain Coronation 0-3Rosedale
MidgetM310:00 AMChedRed Rosedale 3-8Chedoke
NoviceN310:00 AMRosedale Dofasco 2-7Lawfield
PeeweeP310:00 AMLawfield Ancaster 6-1Chedoke
BantamB310:30 AMChedGre Coronation 0-5Dofasco 2
AtomA411:00 AMMountain Chedoke 4-2Dundas
MidgetM411:00 AMChedRed Ancaster 2-4Coronation
PeeweeP411:00 AMLawfield Dofasco 2-1Mountain
BantamB411:30 AMChedGre Mountain 1-4Chedoke
AtomA52:00 PMCoron Mountain 2-1Dofasco
MidgetM52:00 PMMountain Dofasco 5-0Lawfield
NoviceN42:00 PMRosedale Mountain 2-1Chedoke
PeeweeP52:00 PMLawfield Dundas 0-5Lawfield
AtomA63:00 PMCoron Lawfield 9-4Ancaster
MidgetM63:00 PMMountain Mountain 6-2Dundas
NoviceN53:00 PMRosedale Ancaster 6-1Coronation
PeeweeP63:00 PMLawfield Rosedale 3-8Coronation
BantamB53:30 PMChedGre Dundas 0-5Dofasco 1
AtomA74:00 PMCoron Chedoke 2-4Rosedale
MidgetM74:00 PMMountain Coronation 1-5Chedoke
PeeweeP74:00 PMLawfield Dofasco 5-0Ancaster
BantamB64:30 PMChedGre Ancaster 6-1Lawfield
AtomA85:00 PMCoron Dundas 3-8Coronation
MidgetM85:00 PMMountain Ancaster 12-7Rosedale
PeeweeP85:00 PMLawfield Mountain 6-1Chedoke
BantamB75:30 PMChedGre Chedoke 5-1Dofasco 2
BantamB86:30 PMChedGre Mountain 1-5Coronation
Tuesday, March 26, 2019
AtomA96:00 PMMountain Coronation 1-4Mountain
NoviceN66:00 PMLawfield Dofasco 2-7Mountain
MidgetM96:30 PMChedRed Ancaster 4-3Dofasco
AtomA107:00 PMMountain Lawfield 3-5Rosedale
NoviceN77:00 PMLawfield Lawfield 6-4Ancaster
MidgetM107:30 PMChedRed Mountain 1-4Chedoke
Wednesday, March 27, 2019
PeeweeP96:00 PMLawfield Mountain 5-6Lawfield
BantamB96:30 PMMountain Coronation 1-7Dofasco 1
PeeweeP107:00 PMLawfield Coronation 6-10Dofasco
BantamB107:30 PMMountain Ancaster 2-3Chedoke
Saturday, March 30, 2019
ChampP119:00 AMChedRed Dofasco 2-7Lawfield
ChampN89:30 AMChedGre Lawfield 4-3Mountain
ChampB1110:15 AMChedRed Chedoke 2-1Dofasco 1
ChampA1110:45 AMChedGre Rosedale 5-3Mountain
ChampM1111:30 AMChedRed Chedoke 5-0Ancaster
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