Certification (Chedoke Minor Hockey)


Fair Play

The following table lists the certifications required for our volunteers.

Volunteer Role Volunteer
Respect in Sport
Activity Leader
Coach 1
Intro to Coach
Coach 2
Coach Level
Level 1 Trainer Gender Identity and Expression Rowan's
Head Coach - House League (U9 and younger)
Head Coach (all others)
Assistant Coach
On-ice Help

Parent Liaison

Note: A certified Head Coach and a certified Trainer must be present for every game. Therefore, it is recommended that more than one individual per team obtain the required certifications for each role.

All costs incurred in obtaining the required certifications are reimbursed 100%. Please visit our Coaches Document Library for the reimbursement form.

Volunteer Screening
Please refer to our Volunteer Screening page for more information.

Respect in Sport
Respect in Sport (RIS) for Activity Leaders is an online course that replaces the Speak Out course. If you have taken the Speak Out course in the past, you are not required to take Respect in Sport.

Access the course: Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders.

The cost of the course is approximately $35. You will need to pay for this online with a credit card.  It takes only 3 hours to complete and is broken into six half-hour segments allowing you to work on the course over a few evenings.

Once you have registered, you have 30 days to complete the course. Upon successful completion, simply print out your certificate as proof you have done the course.

Note: This course is different from Respect in Sport for Parents.

Coach 1 (Intro to Coach) and Coach 2 (Coach Level)

Please visit THIS link for information on these clinics. Clinics offered through our OHF members can be viewed and registered for HERE.

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach was designed to review the basic tools coaches need in leadership, communication, teaching skills and lesson planning. This is taught with special considerations of the youngest athletes in mind. 

Coach 2 - Coach Level follows the competency-based education and training method of learning and is an excellent course for all new and recreational-level coaches. 

Level 1 Trainer
Regardless of other outside training, all Trainers must complete the Alliance Level 1 Trainer course and must re-certify at specified intervals.

The Trainer Course is offered as a one day in-class course or an online course. It is not a first aid course but does instruct you in developing an Emergency Action Plan, Injury Management, removing players from play and coordinating their return, and recognizing and dealing with concussion injuries.  

Trainer recertification is an online course.

You will need to pay for the online courses with a credit card. 

Access information and the online courses: Trainer Level 1 and Trainer Re-certification.

Gender Identity and Expression
The Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) is pleased to announce the launch of a new training module for team officials, to support trans-inclusive hockey in Ontario, Understanding Discrimination based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression Training. 

This is for all team staff members and the directive for this is coming from the Human Rights Commission.

Like with the coaching clinics, registration is available HERE.

Rowan's Law
Each year, every coach and trainer must acknowledge they have (re)reviewed the age-appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources.

These resources and the acknowledgement form are available on our web site: Rowan's Law.